Dr. Paul T. Tueller - Dr. Tueller has had long experience as a rangeland scientists working intensively in the Great Basin of the United States. He has over 160 publications while directing numerous research projects for a wide variety of funding agencies. His research interests are broad and include several areas of emphasis: vegetation/soil relationships, plant synecology, revegetation and mine waste reclamation, wildlife habitat on rangelands, and fire ecology. In addition Dr. Tueller has over 30 years experience working in air photo interpretation and remote sensing. He and his graduate students (over 70 have completed their graduate degrees under his direction) have used both satellite and aircraft borne sensors, including multispectral airborne videography to measure and monitor rangeland vegetation and soil parameters at various scales. His research in these areas has led to overseas invitations to Australia, Micronesia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Africa, Kenya, Mexico, India, France and China. He spent over 41 years as a Professor of Range Ecology at the University of Nevada Reno where he taught range management, range and forest ecology, range techniques, fire ecology and management and several other courses. Dr. Tueller has worked with numerous clients as a rangeland consultant and is a Range Management Consultant certified by the Society for Range Management. He has testified in court in behalf of clients and prepared numerous reports based on field data and observations. Dr. Tueller has degrees from Idaho State University (B.S. in Wildlife Management), The University of Nevada Reno (M.S. in Range Management) and Oregon State University (Ph.D. in Range Ecology with minors in Soils and Statistics). He has a strong and abiding interest in the proper use and management of rangelands for multiple uses.