Gary Herron, B.S. - Gary is a wildlife biologist retired from the Nevada Division of Wildlife where he spent 30 years. He received his B.S. degree from Utah State University in Wildlife Management. Gary has had wide experience in Nevada and the Great Basin. Gary served as the nongame biologist for the Division from 1977. until his retirement. The majority of his career has involved developing, modifying, implementing and conducting surveys to determine wildlife population distribution, densities and trends. He is widely noted for his expertise with birds of prey and as a falconer. In addition he has had experience with small mammals and all kinds of birds. He has technical skills in wildlife identification through observations, tracks, scat, molted feathers, and hair/fur, mist netting, bird banding, transmitter attachment and monitoring, living and working in the out of doors, and calling and trapping wildlife. Gary is a dedicated, competent biologist who is prepared to assist in any kind of wildlife study required.